Spotting a Fake Facebook Profile

An overwhelming majority of fake profiles use the images of a female, data collected suggests that as much as 97% of fake profiles using a woman’s identity. Fake profiles are mostly used for spamming you with products or websites, but could be used for cat fishing or blackmailing a person. That’s why it’s important to be able to spot a friend request from a fake page.

Here are some tips to help you spot a fake Facebook profile.


Do you know anyone in the City they claim to be living in? If it’s a City you’ve never been to or heard of then you probably do not know this person.

Look At the Photographs

Fake profiles tend to have only one image, or all of their photograph’s appear to be professionally shot images. Maybe the only images they’ve posted aren’t even of a person.

How Many Friends Do They Have?

The average Facebook user only has 113 friends, if the person adding you has thousands of friends all across the world then this should raise a red flag.

What Are Their Posts About?

Look at their wall to see if they are interacting with anyone. Are they being tagged in photographs by other people? Are people writing on their wall? Are they updating their status with more than just website links?